Graduates ENhancEment pRogrAmme for Employability (GENERAtE)
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Graduates ENhancEment pRogrAmme for Employability (GENERAtE)

Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) is establishing the implementation of the Graduates ENhancEment pRogrAmme for Employability (GENERAtE) as part of the initiative to improve the condition of our current unemployed graduates in the country.

Course ID

Lecture, Hands-on

Course Type

5 Days


Min 6 , Max 25

Class Size

Target Audience

The GENERAtE programme is opened to all Malaysian graduates whom have successfully acquired their Diplomas, Degrees or equivalent.

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Govt Funded Programmes for Fresh Graduates

The objectives of the GENERAtE programme are to equip, develop and assist unemployed graduates:

i.    with high end skills and competencies that are required by the industries that will enhance their employability;
ii.    with relevant working experience that can enhance their employability;
iii.    in exploring new route path for their careers; and
iv.    in job placement.


This funding is subject to a number of conditions as follows:-

  1. Fully government funded programme under special fund placed under the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) of Ministry of Human Resources
  2. Companies HRDF contribution will not be used
  3. The special fund is created, aimed at enhancing employability of fresh graduates seeking at entry level positions
  4. No cost incurred for participating industry; indeed, cost saving for the company
  5. No cost incurred for the student
  6. RM500 will be given for each trainees
  7. Training duration : 5 days (9.00 am-5.00 pm)
  8. Applicable to only fresh graduates from local public universities and colleges; not applicable to private colleges and universities
  9. Discipline : marketing / business administration / management or any other arts subjects; however, does not preclude other disciplines
  10. Participating industries must be a HRDF contributor. mandatory condition
  11. Must be prepared to consider a remuneration of RM2000 for diploma holders and RM3000 for graduates inclusive of all allowances. mandatory condition
  12. Students can be interviewed first, recruit and thereafter sent for training or consider for job placement, that is select your candidates from the pool who have undergone the training. No mandatory nor legal obligation in the train and job placement exercise. Indeed, participating companies have liberty to recruit their preferred and right candidates
  13. Upon training completion, industry accredited professional certifications will be issued
  14. The training contents are industry accredited or industry associations endorses
Courses Offered

Courses that are offered under the GENERAtE programme must be high end skills and application-based as required by the industries. Focus areas of programme offered are in line with the needs of skills manpower required at the Malaysia Economic Corridors (NCER, SCORE, SEDIA, ECER and IRDA), such as wholesale and retail, tourism, healthcare, logistic/freight and etc.
Therefore, PSMB would like to invite HRDF Registered Employers or Registered Associations to participate under this initiative to train unemployed graduates with the required skills for their future workforce. The submissions of the proposal will be made by the HRDF Registered Employers or Associations to PSMB by filling up the format of the proposal given below. Participated employers / associations must be able to offer high-value job to trainees upon completion of the programme.

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