Professional Services
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Professional Services

LSSB’s professional service division comprises of a team of knowledge workers who are technically sound architects with years of accumulated expertise and experiences. LSSB team has the capability and capacity to craft wide range of solutions in a number of areas, but the key ones are as follows:-

System Integration

We have the knowledge and expertise required to solve complex issues pertaining to systems integration. Our system integration solutions are user friendly, supports cross platforms, reduces complexity and cost.

Project Management

We conduct feasibility studies, business process reengineering analysis and assist our clients to design, develop and manage IT projects.

We act as a single point of contact in any project roll out. We assure our commitment to deliver the project within the given time frame and budget.

Disaster Recovery

The cost of not having a robust continuity solution in place could be catastrophic. We provide truly practical, continuous continuity and cost effective solution.

IT Security & Audit

We also provide a series of business intelligence solutions, principally in the areas of computer forensics, information security policies and network security analysis.

We provide IT Audit services that use proven methodologies and tools to ensure technology risks are identified and a balanced approach is applied to review IT threats and controls. . Business Continuity Planning &