School Leavers
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The School Leavers Program

Ideal for the students who just finished high school waiting to join institutions of higher learning

What are the main objectives of this Programme?

  1. To assist one to adapt to the independent thinking and study skills necessary for life on a university campus as opposed to the previous controlled school group think mentality.
  2. To help one build skills needed to participate confidently and effectively in any serious academic discussion anywhere in the world.
  3. To enhance one’s speaking skills including conversation, group discussion and presentation as well as pronunciation.

For those who just completed their Secondary education we highly recommend enrolling in our Tertiary Orientation Programme where our experienced and dedicated counselors provide comprehensive assistance to Students about education and life in general on their preferred choice of destination. Pre-departure seminars for Students and Parents which are very important are included in the programme. The seminars are designed to equip Students with all the important information about the destination they have chosen and their obligations as international Students. They are held close to departure dates in synch with most overseas university calendars. During the preparatory sessions Students have an opportunity to interact with our counselors and to discuss “the entire journey” the young adults are embarking on. Representatives of various consulates in the country are also invited to these pre-departure briefings in order to clarify any new developments in the Visa regime of their respective countries.

For further inquiries, please call/ whatsapp Jai@017-2909322 or 019-3173445 or alternatively pls email your resume to . Please forward this information to whomever relevant.