Big Data Analytics (BDA) Usage Tools
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Big Data Analytics (BDA) Usage Tools

15th - 17th of January 2018

9 Am- 5 PM


Today many org樂威壯
anizations are contemplating deploying 威而鋼
Big Data Analytics (BDA), which have two major components namely algorithmic and usage as an analytics tool. For BDA algorithmic development requires software development programming knowledge pertaining to Hadoop, Pig, YARN, Mapreduce etc. While, the BDA usage module deals with analyzing structured (rectangular array of data), semi-structured (log files and click streams of online media) and unstructured data (texts, pictures, videos, voices). BDA usage module includin樂威壯
g social listening   pertaining to communication, marketing and marketing research can empower businesses, protect brands and optimize social investments through 犀利士
culling out appropriate intelligence.