Big Data Analytics (BDA) Usage tool
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Big Data Analytics (BDA) Usage tool

BDA Usage

Course ID

Class-room lecture

Course Type

3 Days


Min 6 max 15

Class Size

Target Audience
  • Workforce involved in data analytics, business intelligence, managerial and decision-making levels
  • Working Professional
  • Operation Levels
  • Statistical knowledge advantageous

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to understand and apply the BDA tools for culling out business intelligence.

Today many organizations are contemplating deploying Big Data Analytics (BDA), which have two major components namely algorithmic and usage as an analytics tool. For BDA algorithmic development requires software development programming knowledge pertaining to Hadoop, Pig, YARN, Mapreduce etc. While, the BDA usage module deals with analyzing structured (rectangular array of data), semi-structured (log files and click streams of online media) and unstructured data (texts, pictures, videos, voices). BDA usage module including social listening   pertaining to communication, marketing and marketing research can empower businesses, protect brands and optimize social investments through culling out appropriate intelligence.

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Training Content


  • Brand reputational and analysis
  • Consumer insights


  • Crisis monitoring
  • Competitive intelligence

Market research

  • Campaign tracking
  • Market research

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