HCDP-BCRN-Huawei Certified Datacom Professional-Building Carrier Routing Network Training
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HCDP-BCRN (Huawei Certified Datacom Professional – Building Carrier Routing Network) Training


Course ID

Lecture, Hands-on

Course Type

9 Days


Min 6´╝îMax 12

Class Size

Target Audience

This program is intended for those who are to be certified by the HCDP-BCRN exam

  • Have got the HCDA certification or have equivalent technical level

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:



  • Flexibly apply the VLSM technique to design IP addresses
  • Flexibly apply the CIDR technique to aggregate the routes
  • Describe the IPv6 basic packets and the IPv6 address structure
  • Describe the basic protocol of IPv6 (ICMPv6, ND, IPv6 address allocation protocol)
  • Describe the working principle of OSPFv2/v3 routing protocol
  • Describe several OSPF special areas
  • Troubleshoot OSPF neighbor relationship failures and routing failures
  • Describe the working principle of ISIS routing protocol in IPv4 and IPv6
  • Troubleshoot ISIS common neighbor relations failure and routing failures
  • Configure OSPF and ISIS in VRP platform to realize the IP connectivity of the large network
  • Describe the working principle of BGP and MP-BGP for IPv6
  • Configure BGP/MP-BGP for IPv6 in VRP platform and use BGP route attributes and route policy to select and filter routing in large network based on demand
  • Describe the working principle and function of BGP route reflector and confederation
  • Describe the BGP multi-homed basic concepts and application scenarios
  • Troubleshoot the BGP peer establishtion failures,routing learning failures and path selection failures
  • Flexibly apply the common route selection tools(Access control list,ip-prefix,as-path-filter,community-filter,route-policy)
  • Describe the working principle of multicast protocol(IGMP,PIM-SM,PIM-DM)
  • Configure IGMP/PIM-SM/PIM-DM in VRP platform
  • Describe NE5000E/NE5000E-X16 series hardware features
  • Describe NE80E/NE40E and NE40E-X series hardware features
  • Select the appropriate Huawei middle and high end routers based on the device performance and service requirement to build the large network and deploy the service
  • Locate and remove routing problems in large scale IP network

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