Change Management Training Program Module II
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Change Management Training Program Module II


Course ID


Course Type

1 Day (9.00 am – 5.00 pm)


Min 12,Max 15

Class Size

Fast Growth: A Career Acceleration Strategy

Irrespective of size, role of employees in companies is crucial in achieving the simple goal – progress and stability. How every employee can shape a better personal future by building the organization he or she work warrant due attention. This training provides the requisite breakthrough strategy for career acceleration, increased competency and maximum employability. By teaching employees their personal value, both the employee and the company win. After all, it is hard to grow an organization unless its people are growing. Twelve high performance guidelines provide the requisites to achieve job security and career success.

Course Scope
Target Audience
  • Workforce at managerial and  decision making levels
  • Any discipline : managerial, professionals and technical

Pritchett Change Management Certification (USA) industry accreditation.


RM8,000 per pax